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Country feel at Prince court Davao City

Okay. So it's been such a long time since i last updated this blog. Got busy bb's.^^

These pics have been in my phone for a couple of months already. Gotta delete them so had to post this immediately.

Room classification: TAXI
Room design: COUNTRY
Rates: Php250 (first 3 hours) Php65 (extension per hour)
I found nothing really special in this room. All that wood and they call in country style?

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Prince Court Theme: Retro

Okay, this is a follow-up to our little adventure at Prince Court Motel. We got a taxi room. I was a bit excited of what the theme will be this time.

Prince Court Davao room entranceBefore entering the actual room, you have to go through this little room. I forgot what this kind of room is called... It's quite small. Probably for privacy purposes and possibly more than that! If you know what I mean. LOL. The door to the left is to our room and the other one is the main door. So in we go...

When I got in, I asked, what's tonight's theme? It took me quite a while before knowing. The idea was not that obvious kasi, at least to me. Saw lots of pictures of advertisements on the bedroom wall so I was like...commercials ang theme? Sirit na I said. Looked at the guidelines at the back of the door. It says... Prince Court Davao theme retro
Prince Court Motel theme retroOh so that's why the room was very colorful. Bright colors. It was like a journey to the past with all the pictures on the wall. During the retro years, approximately 1950's to 70's, things were very geometric in style... everything was big, chunky, and colorful (fashion)..almost psychedelic... hmm... RETRO STYLE. Could it possibly have enhanced our little adventure there? he he he

Every room din yata talagang may little round table and two chairs... Just on top of the table ay set of menus that you can choose from. We have been at Prince Court a couple of times in the past but we have never tried any of their food. Ano kaya oorderin namin? Mukhang masarap mga pagkain nila ah.

Prince Court Motel Davao food Prince Court Davao food menuPrince Court food menu Davao

We ended up not ordering anything.This is how our bed looked like. Still got that orangy feel going and ads theme on the wall. Cute. It wasn't really pretty pero pwede na rin..
and look, very convenient talaga kasi every room has these:
a switch for the TV and radio right on the wall near the bed... does wonders! ;)
a telephone beside the bed para all your requests will be granted at kapag time is up na kayo at tumawag na sila, madali lang sagutin without, you know... he he

The personnel that led us to our room was kinda pilyo. Ilagay ba naman sa not for kids channel?! kuya ha! hehe. I jumped on the bed and watched TV. Inilipat ko of course... hindi naman sa corny ako pero tapos na ako sa mga ganyang palabas. And besides ang ingay kaya. Sounded so fake. Hate it.

Then my honey took a shower na. I can see his silhoutte through the frosted glass window. How sexy. When it was my turn to wash up, I took pictures of the bathroom. Kahit dito talaga Retro pa rin ang theme. Bright orange pa rin ang color... 2 towels, 2 sachets of shampoo, 2 bars of soap. Pwede na rin. Ligo na ako.

Overall comment: Well I was kind of disappointed since we had better looking rooms in our early visits at this famous Davao City short-time inn, pero okay na rin. It would have been more exciting if we took a V.I.P room instead. Til next time!

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Prince Court Motel Guidelines for Customers

This is a copy of Prince Court's Guidelines, as seen in every room there.
To our Valued Guests
Security and Valuables
Please lock your room. All valuables such as jewelry, substantial cash, etc. must be deposited with the cashier. Also, please lock your car. The management is not responsible for anything lost or left by the guest trough their own negligence, theft or forced majeure.
Please give your room attendant about a minute to check the room before you leave. Also kindly surrender your room key at the counter upon leaving the hotel. If you wish to have any of the items inside the room as a souvenir, Please inform the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) and we will let you have it at cost. Missing items or damage on properties (including vandalism or Graffito) inside your room will be charged to you correspondingly.


To keep you satisfied, we maintain EXACTING STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE which demand the highest level of discipline, respect, and courtesy on the part of our personnel. Although our people are trained to be efficient and courteous, they are also human and can commit mistakes. You can help us cut down errors.

Check the room number on your chit. We are computerized, but human errors, such as faulty key punching or accidental switching of chits are possible.

A few employees might be tempted to solicit tips. Should you have any misgivings, we would welcome your complaints. Ask for the Officer-In-Charge or call this telephone number at 225-8088.

We can facilitate acting on your complaints if you write us a note identifying the name, room number, the time, and the incident.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.


PrinceCourt Hotel and Restaurant

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